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Helping youth in Buckingham through:

  • a non-alcoholic bar
  • a meeting place for teenagers in the town
  • activities and skills training

Project Street Life has seen well over 1200 different young people come through its door since it opened in 1999. Every two to three years the core group of young people changes as one moves up and out another group moves in. The group dynamics within the project is a constant evolution as the character and nature of every young person is individual and every different group presents different qualities of human behaviour. As a project we have felt very privileged in playing a small part in the lives of every young person that we have encountered during our existence. There have been many who have played a very active role to those that simply use the facilities. Every one of them has contributed to where the project is today.

Our staff and volunteers will constantly be meeting with young people offering them recreational activities, advice and care where possible and appropriate. As a board of trustees we are appreciative of all the energy, efforts and successes our staff and volunteers put into this vibrant, innovative youth project and trust it will grow from strength to strength.

Our Aims & Objectives

To provide a safe and welcoming place where young people can meet for pleasure, recreation and discussion under the supervision and guidance of friendly, trained youth leaders.

The values and ethos underpinning the Project will govern all aspects of the work. They are that young people will:

  • be valued as individuals and not as stereotypes
  • be treated with respect and dignity
  • be encouraged to be part of the community
  • gather without fear of rejection or harm
  • develop self-esteem and the ability to relate with others
  • belong to a meeting place which they see as their own
  • take on responsibilities and learn negotiating skills eg when regulating ‘turns’ in the use of equipment
  • learn selling and customer management serving drinks and snacks, handling cash, control of stock and social skills
  • take part in planning future programmes and special events and influence the overall style of the club
  • acquire information and contacts relevant and helpful to their daily lives
  • encounter good role models
  • have fun in a safe environment
  • get understanding of, and obtain advice about, the dangers of alcohol, drugs, vandalism and crime
  • benefit from the skills of the Frontline Team who are trained and given effective support in leadership and working with teenagers.